InWin Z-Tower build displayed in Sydney 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art (June 28-August 4)

【Taoyuan, Taiwan, July 2019】InWin is honored to announce a display by artist Mr. Baden Paithorpe uses a Z-Tower Signature Edition PC Chassis in the Sydney 4A Centre for Contemporary Asian Art.

Built by famous modder Mr. Stuart Tonks, through artist Mr. Baden Paithorpe, the “One and Three PCs” piece is a computational installation comprised of the world's most beautiful computer attempting to produce and recognize an image of itself.

Using a form of image generating AI called a Deep Convolutional General Adversarial Network (DCGAN), this installation playfully calls into question the meaning of language, symbols and imagery in the context of machine intelligence.


InWin Z-Tower Signature Edition Chassis

Inspired by architectural aesthetics, each InWin Z-Tower is unique. Its flowing, asymmetrical skeletal structure is hand-cast and crafted using the highest-quality materials. Each Z-Tower is engraved with an individual serial number to highlight its limited-edition status. The hollow structure affords exciting views of the internal PC that are different from every angle.


For further information and images of the installation, please visit the Baden Pailthorpe website:

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