InWin Warranty Policy Statement

During the warranty period, InWin warrants its products to be free of defective materials and workmanship. InWin products are only warranted for their intended use.

Local Laws and Variations

  • This warranty clause includes the general warranty content, which might vary by region due to the local governing laws and safety regulations where InWin products are purchased. According to the European Union Directive 1999/44/EC, distributors in the European Union must provide at least a 2-year warranty. Please contact your local InWin sales for more details.

Repair / Replace

  • InWin will either repair the product or replace the product with a defect-free item of the same grade. Should the item be out of stock or production, the defective product will be replaced with one of the same or similar grade. The replacement item will be warranted for the remainder of the warranty period or thirty days, whichever is longer.
  • The warranty period will start on the date listed on the proof of purchase (ex. store receipt, invoice, PO, bill). Should the buyer lose the proof of purchase, the warranty period will begin on the date of the product production date (recovered by searching the product series number)

RMA Time Frame

  • At their discretion, InWin reserves the right to replace the defective product with a serviced product within any time frame.

Proof of Purchase

  • In the event of a warranty repair or replacement claim, InWin shall request a valid proof of purchase from the applicant before granting warranty services.

Equipment Usage

  • The provided modularized cables for power supplies and case fans are compatible exclusively to their corresponding models. If these cables are used with any other power supply or case fan, damage may occur to that PSU or fan.

Data Loss

  • InWin is not responsible for damage to, or loss of any programs, data, or removable storage media while using InWin products. The user/organization is responsible for backing up any programs or data on removable storage devices.

No Other Warranties

  • No InWin employee, dealer, distributor or other agent is authorized to make any modification, extension, or addition to this warranty.

How to Make a Warranty Claim (Retail Products)

Note for IPC/Enterprise: For direct customers or Business/Enterprise customers (B2B), please contact your local InWin sales representative directly for service and returns.

1) Support Forum (English) / User Manual (Multi-Language)

Before making a warranty claim, if you are unsure that your product is working correctly or have further queries about its operation please be sure to consult our comprehensive user manuals (https://www.in-win.com/en/manual) which are available in multi-language.

Additionally, a query can be made in the InWin support forums for retail products (https://forum.in-win.com) (English language support)

2) RMA Procedure

If you are certain your product is defective and needs to be returned for repair or replacement within the warranty period:

  1. Please first contact your retailer, dealer, or distributor from whom you purchased the product.
  2. If you are no longer able to receive service from your original retailer, dealer or distributor, please contact InWin RMA Support(https://www.in-win.com/en/contact/rma). InWin will evaluate the claim and on approval will issue a RMA number and further instructions.
    • For authorized product returns the user must cover the cost of return to InWin.
    • InWin is not responsible for damage incurred during shipping to our RMA receiving locations and the user must recover the cost via shipping insurance. InWin will cover the return shipping fee to the user.
    • For unauthorized product returns InWin will not cover any shipping cost.
  3. InWin does not take responsibility for devices returned to InWin without prior approval. Any packages received at an unauthorized location may be refused and returned to the sender at the sender’s expense.
    • Upon receiving the product, InWin will visually inspect the package before acceptance to ensure there was no visible damage during transit that could affect the product being returned.
    • Where possible the original packaging material should be used to pack the product.
    • If the original packaging is not available, packing materials that provide an equivalent or greater protection should be used.
    • All packages that appear inadequately packed will be refused (invalidate the RMA number) and returned to the sender at the sender’s expense.
  4. The RMA number must be clearly stated on the outside of the package, otherwise it will be returned to the sender at the sender’s expense.
  5. All products received receive a visual inspection to ensure it is a genuine InWin product and free of physical damage or abuse. InWin products are only warranted for their intended use. Counterfit, damaged, abused or inappropriately used products will be returned to the sender at the sender’s expense.

Duration of Implied Warranty (Retail Products)

Product Product Category Warranty Term
InWin Branded PC Chassis InWin Retail PC Chassis 2 Years Limited Warranty
InWin Branded Case Fans Standard Case Fans (LED and Non-LED) 1 Year Limited Warranty
POLARIS Series: LED and RGB 2 Years Limited Warranty
AURORA Series:
2 Years Limited Warranty
Addressable Series:
CROWN AC120/140,
JUPITER AJ120/140,
SATURN ASN120/140,
2 Years Limited Warranty
NEPTUNE Series: AN120/140, DN120/140 3 Years Limited Warranty
POLARIS Series: RGB Aluminum 5 Years Limited Warranty
MARS Series 5 Years Limited Warranty
NEPTUNE Series: DN120/140 PRO 6 Years Limited Warranty
All-In-One CPU Cooler BR/NR/MR Series 3 Years Limited Warranty
SR Series 5 Years Limited Warranty
InWin Branded Power Supply Bronze & Other Series PSU 3 Years Limited Warranty
Gold Series PSU 5 Years Limited Warranty
Signature Series PSU 5 Years Limited Warranty
Platinum Series PSU 7 Years Limited Warranty
Platinum PII Series PSU 10 Years Limited Warranty
All Other Accessories All Other Accessories 1 Year Limited Warranty

Duration of Implied Warranty (IPC/Server Products)

For direct customers or Business/Enterprise customers (B2B), please contact your local InWin sales representative directly for service and returns.

IPC/ Servers Product Category Warranty Term
IPC & Servers Chassis InWin IPC / Server Chassis 1 Year Limited Warranty
IPC & Server PSU InWin IPC / Server PSU 3 Years Limited Warranty
IPC/ Server Accessories Server Fan 1 Year Limited Warranty
Mechanical Spare Parts 1 Year Limited Warranty
Backplane / Riser Card 3 Years Limited Warranty
Storage cage (SK23/SK34/SK35) 3 Years Limited Warranty
  • If the product is DOA (dead/defective on arrival), please inform your local InWin sales representative immediately. InWin takes pride in our service for business and enterprise customers and will assist with follow up services.
  • Once the DOA validity period expires (please refer to sale terms), all defective products are considered RMA items. The products require a valid serial number to track the warranty coverage. InWin shall provide a quotation for service charges of each RMA product, including replacement parts.

Exclusions to Implied Warranty

It is important to note that our warranty is not an unconditional guarantee. The Warranty does not cover events including but not limited to:

  1. Any unsuitable environment or use of the product (including cryptocurrency mining) is not covered by warranty.
  2. Any product which has been modified without permission from InWin, or in which the serial number has been modified, defaced or removed.
  3. Accidental abuse, misuse, neglect, fire, water, lighting or any act of nature, failure to follow instructions, shipping or transport damage (claims must be made with carrier), and any other cause, which does not relate directly to a product defect.
  4. InWin does not warrant that this product will meet your requirements. It is your responsibility to determine the suitability of this product for your purpose.
  5. Removal or installation charges.
    • Customer is responsible for the shipping charges.
    • When returning product, please be sure to enclose a clear description of the problem and your proof of purchase with the defective product and return it as instructed and ship it postpaid.
    • Your dealer or InWin will not be responsible for damage due to shipping.
    • During the warranty period, your product will be repaired or replaced, excluding shipping and handling.
  6. InWin will not accept the defective product without prior approval and RMA number.
  7. Any incidental charges.
  8. Repair or attempted repair by anyone not authorized by InWin.
  9. Third party products using InWin components will not be covered by warranty.
  10. Any damages unrelated to manufacturing defects.
  11. As one of the items in this product's packaging, if there is any inappropriate use of the modularized cables that causes any damage both within product itself and/or any other damaged parts, they will not be covered by this product's warranty.

Exclusion of Damages

InWin's sole obligation and liability under this warranty are both limited to the repair or replacement of a defective product at our discretion. InWin shall not, under any circumstances, be liable for any accidental or consequential damages. This includes but is not limited to damages resulting from the interruption of services, the loss of business, and liability in tort relating to any product resulting from its use or possession.

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